Kilauea: ocean entry in May 2018

[responsive_vimeo] Ocean entry during Kilauea's Leilani-eruption in May 2018. Litoral explosions triggered a volcanic lightning in the cloud.

Colima: volcanic lightning

[responsive_vimeo] Stunning volcano footage of volcanic lightning on volcano Colima in Mexico.

Volcanic lightning on Sakurajima

[responsive_vimeo] Rare footage of volcanic lightning! The lightning occurs in an eruption cloud of Sakurajima volcano in Japan. The video was shot in March 2015.

Sinabung: pyroclastic flows with volcanic lightning

[responsive_vimeo] This incredible volcano footage shows an eruption of Sinabung on Sumatra in Indonesia. Pyroclastic flows with volcanic lightning, destructions in Sigarang Garang village.  

Sinabung: pyroclastic flow with volcanic lighning

[responsive_vimeo] This volcano footage shows pyroclastic flows with rare volcanic lightning in the ash clouds.The sequence was shot in UHD during the eruption of Mount Sinabung on Sumatra in 2014.