Kilauea: ocean entry in May 2018

[responsive_vimeo] Ocean entry during Kilauea's Leilani-eruption in May 2018. Litoral explosions triggered a volcanic lightning in the cloud.

Kilauea: ocean entry on Hawaii

[responsive_vimeo] Kilauea's lava flow 61g enters the sea by Kamokuna. This volcano video shows the ocean entry by drone, boat and from the shore site.

Stromboli: Lava flow and ocean entry

[responsive_vimeo] Volcano Video of Stromboli, Aeolian Islands, north of Sicily in Italy. The footage shows a lava flow flowing into the sea. On the ocean entry was formed a new shore.

Piton Fournaise: ocean entry The eruption in 2004 was amazingĀ and one of the last eruptions, where access to the eruption side was easy. Lava flows entered into the ocean.