Masaya: Lava lake in Nicaragua

[responsive_vimeo] Watch the stunning volcano footage of an active lava lake in Masaya's Santiago crater. The Masaya is located close to Nicaragua's capital Managua. In ancient times lava flows reachs the area of the city.

Etna Paroxysm November 2013

[responsive_vimeo] This volcano footage shows a strong paroxysmal eruption of Mount Etna on Sicily. A lava fountain rose several hundred meters high. This paroxysm took place at 16th November 2013.

Stromboli: strong explosive eruption

[responsive_vimeo] This volcano footage shows a strong explosive eruption on volcano Stromboli. The volcano island is one of the 7 Aeolian Islands, north of Sicily, Italy.

Nyiragongo in Kongo

[responsive_vimeo] Volcano footage of Mount Nyiragongo in DRC. I visited the lava lake in 2011, and observed the boiling lava for several days. Nyiragongo is the most active one of the Virunga volcanoes.

Etna eruption 2001 This volcano footage was shot in July 2001 during the amazing eruption of Mount Etna on Sicily. Lava flows destroyed parts of the cable car and two new cones growed during continious explosive eruptions.

Lava run On Mount Etna, a lava artcraft worker run over a glowing lava flow.