Blue flames at Kawah Ijen

[responsive_vimeo] Incredible video footage of burning sulfur on Kawah Ijen in Java. The Sulfur burns in an electric blue fire.  

Bromo and Tengger Caldera

[responsive_vimeo] Eruption of Mount Bromo on Java in March 2011. This footage shows the ash eruption at one of the world most famouse places.

Lahar at Merapi

[responsive_vimeo] This footage of a lahar on volcano Merapi was shot in 2010. Merapi is one of the most dangerous volcanoes in Indonesia. The Lahar was created after heavy rainfalls on fresh volcanis ash from the hazardous eruption, which killed more than 350 persons.

Merapi: destroyed villages

[responsive_vimeo] Several villages were destroyed by pyroclastic flows by Mount Merapi in 2010. More than 350 people and tousands of cattles died. I shot this volcano video on an expedition with Chris Weber.

Merapi: ash eruption

[responsive_vimeo] Volcano video from Mount Merapi on Java in Indonesia. Ash eruption in 2010. Shortly after the destruction of some villages by pyroclastic flows.

Merapi 2006 In 2006 Mount Merapi erupted a lava dome. Pyroclastic flows were generated by partial collapse of this dome. 2 people died.