Kilauea: ocean entry on Hawaii

[responsive_vimeo] Kilauea's lava flow 61g enters the sea by Kamokuna. This volcano video shows the ocean entry by drone, boat and from the shore site.

Masaya: Lava lake in Nicaragua

[responsive_vimeo] Watch the stunning volcano footage of an active lava lake in Masaya's Santiago crater. The Masaya is located close to Nicaragua's capital Managua. In ancient times lava flows reachs the area of the city.

Karangetang on Api Siau

[responsive_vimeo] The volcano Karangetang is located on the remote Indonesian Island Api Siau. In 2015, the volcano was in a state of elevated activity. A lava dome growed in the summit crater and glowing avalances flowed over the volcano flank.

Colima: volcanic lightning

[responsive_vimeo] Stunning volcano footage of volcanic lightning on volcano Colima in Mexico.

Sulfur fabrication Kawa Ijen

[responsive_vimeo] Video footage of the sulfur fabrication close to the volcano Kawah ijen in Indonesia.

Blue flames at Kawah Ijen

[responsive_vimeo] Incredible video footage of burning sulfur on Kawah Ijen in Java. The Sulfur burns in an electric blue fire.  

Volcanic lightning on Sakurajima

[responsive_vimeo] Rare footage of volcanic lightning! The lightning occurs in an eruption cloud of Sakurajima volcano in Japan. The video was shot in March 2015.

Pico do Fogo: Eruption in December 2014

[responsive_vimeo] This volcano footage shows the eruption of Mount Fogo during first days of December 2014. Lava flows destroyed the village of Portela. Mount Fogo is located on Iliah do Fogo, one of the 9 Islands of Cape Verde.

Dukono on Indonesian Island Halmahera

[responsive_vimeo] Here you can watch the eruptions of Mount Dukono in June 2014. The Videos from the volcano were shot in 4k (ultra-HD).

Sinabung: pyroclastic flow with volcanic lighning

[responsive_vimeo] This volcano footage shows pyroclastic flows with rare volcanic lightning in the ash clouds.The sequence was shot in UHD during the eruption of Mount Sinabung on Sumatra in 2014.