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Etna: eruption 2015, 2014 (UHD), 2013 (HD), eruptions (SD 1999, 2001, 2003, 2006) Bromo: eruption in the Tengger Caldera Java (HD 2011) Campi Flegrei: Solfatara (HD 2007) Colima: ash eruption (UHD 2015) Erta Ale: lava lake (HD 2008), (SD 2002) Eyjafjallaj√∂kull: lava fountains, ash eruption, glacier (HD 2010) Iceland Geysers, geothermal, plate boundary (UHD 2015) […]

Volcano footage by Marc Szeglat

Volcano footage offers you a great bandwith of video shots from erupting volcanoes all over the world. As a volcano videographer, I have got more than 20 years experience to capture eruptions on video. Mostly I’m backpacking and reach secluded place that would not be reached otherwise.¬†Despite the lightweight equipment, I create recordings in professional […]