Aerials of Stromboli volcano

[responsive_vimeo] Stromboli is one of the most active volcanoes in Europe. In June 2017, I shot this aerials with a drone. The volcano was in a state of elevated activity, after a break of 3 years with just some eruptions per week.

Campi Flegrei and Solfatara by drone

[responsive_vimeo] This volcano video from Campi Flegrei in Italy was shot with a drone in 4k resolution. The aerials shows the craters of the supervolcano close to Naples. Campi Flegrei have got the potential of a very destructive eruption, which can affect life in the whole of Europe

Mount Etna: Aerials of the volcano

[responsive_vimeo] I shot this aerials from Mount Etna with a drone in 4k. One of my first volcano video shot with a drone, so I hope you can enjoy it.